Megumi "Meg" Wei 魏寵美

New Angeles character. Asian (Chinese & Japanese), vampire, vegan; snarky, rebellious, headstrong.

Tell Me How I Look

f/2s, mixed race relationship (chinese/japanese and black/chinese/tongva), ptsd, on again off again relationship, aromantic character, sapioromantic character, trans woman character, gorgon, praise kink, laughing during sex, pondering the metaphysics of vampire reflections, petrification as temporary bondage. 6,600 words.



f/f, vampires, sexual use of holy water and stakes, explicit racism from the pov of a racist (including use of ethnic & misogynistic slurs), white character, chinese character, failed humiliation & degradation, consensual nonconsent, subverted stereotypes. 2,900 words.

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