Wet-Ass Prose: How to Make Your Readers Cry

December Seas
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Course created January 4, 2021
Course last updated January 4, 2021

Want to create narratively resonant stories that wrench emotions out of your readers’ hearts? By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Describe the difference between plot and narrative.
  • Name four types of narration on the stream of consciousness to omniscience continuum.
  • Understand how style, timing, and worldbuilding build on basic narrative templates.
  • Explain five ways to tell a character-driven narrative.
  • Evaluate how many characters you need for a particular story.
  • Describe the concept of authorial voice.
  • Explain the concept of narrative resonance.
  • Understand the difference between audience and authenticity.
  • Articulate what “desire” is in a narrative context.
  • Analyze a work for symbols and metaphors.
  • Write a piece of prose that uses an extended metaphor.
  • Understand how to incorporate your own experience into a narrative.
  • Expand on the concept of “show, don’t tell,” including contexts where telling may be preferred.
  • Provide examples of narrative filtering.
  • Explain what a “kenning” is and how it can be used to create vivid descriptions.
  • Consistently render emotionally resonant narratives.

Total word count: 9,500

Approximate reading time for course: 40–60 minutes

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