December Seas writes erotica that usually devolves into social criticism with a side of sex and feelings.

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By December Seas | April 4, 2020 | 0 Comments

f/f, vampires, sexual use of holy water and stakes, explicit racism from the pov of a racist (including use of ethnic & misogynistic slurs), white character, chinese character, failed humiliation & degradation, consensual nonconsent, subverted stereotypes. 2,900 words.


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This one's a hard piece.

It's meant to be ugly. It's designed to show how hate defiles the hater more than it ever could defile its target, and it's designed to show defiance as power, resistance, and control.

It should leave you feeling unsettled.

But this is what we're up against.



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New Angeles

All stories take place in the urban fantasy setting New Angeles.

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  4. Every Eye Will See Him
  5. Tell Me How I Look
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  8. Llena del alma mía


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