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Photo editing policy

Humans have bodies, and bodies are all kinds of messy. I won't be editing out things like pimples or stray hairs or stretch marks, and I won't be making any edits that change my body shape or size.

I want my work to reflect the reality of what it's like to, well, be human.

I do, however, edit out identifying information for both my privacy and safety, which can include tattoos on my body.

I may also edit my photos to correct for color and exposure. My skin tone can change slightly because of those edits. Color variation under different lighting conditions is normal; I do not make edits to intentionally lighten my skin.

Additionally, I edit photos to replace backgrounds, both for privacy and aesthetic reasons. I watermark and/or caption photos with replaced backgrounds to indicate that they have been modified.

I do not use artificial intelligence (AI) generation tools on my work.

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Previews of my photos are free and watermarked. Unlock full-size, unwatermarked photos by purchasing them individually, as a bundle, or with an all-access pass.

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