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I love receiving gifts! They make me feel so special 💖 You can view my wishlist below, or send gifts via the following channels:

Snail mail

December Seas
115 W California Blvd #9168
Pasadena, CA 91105


Gift Cards

Jewelry   BodyArtFormsAsk & EmblaPlug Your Holes
Lingerie & Toys   Jenette BrasToi AnoKink Store
Flowers & Gifts   San Gabriel FloristOh Shiny!Vroman’sBlack Phoenix Alchemy LabHouse of Intuition
Dinner & Drinks   Doordash
Personal Care   SephoraUltaFloyd’s 99 BarbershopCVS
Fitness   Hybrid CalisthenicsBig 5 Sporting Goods
Arts & Crafts   Blick Art MaterialsJoannMichaels
Big Box   TargetBest BuyStaplesOffice Depot
Groceries   SproutsGrocery OutletShipt

If you leave a name with your gift, I’ll be sure to thank you if your gift appears in one of my photoshoots or videos 💋 Thank you for your support!

December Seas, hand on hip, golden custom-made nipple chains connecting saddles in pierced nipples. December's breasts are soft, still red with whip marks; December’s belly is full and round, streaked with stretch marks like white tiger stripes—regal.

December Seas
December Seas smiling cutely and making a peace sign, hair in a ponytail flowing over shoulder, against an ocean background with ocean spray. Background via Pexels / Thach Tran

Sex should be fun!

December Seas
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