As a person of Chinese descent living in the West, I have a unique perspective when it comes to interpreting zodiac signs, one that combines Western and Chinese traditions to create insightful, highly individualized readings. I also blend numerology and other Chinese divination methods into my readings.

I am happy to provide two divination services to the public: zodiac readings ($25 / each) and tarot readings ($8 / each, three-card spreads only). Each divination comes with a write-up of at least 250 words explaining my reading in clear, nonjudgmental language.

Please note that neither service is a prediction of the future. My zodiac and tarot readings provide you with an outside perspective into your experience. This perspective is meant to highlight insights that you may not be able to see by yourself. The readings are a suggested road map, but they do not outline any one path that you must commit to. Additionally, the reading is only my interpretation as one person and not meant to reflect an authority in any capacity.

For your safety and privacy, I will delete all identifying information from your request thirty (30) days after you complete either form below. I will retain your email as an identifier to match you to your reading, unless you request otherwise. You will not receive a confirmation email after completing either form. You will only get a confirmation message on the site after your response is received.

Expect to hear back from me within five (5) business days acknowledging receipt of your request. I will complete your reading within four weeks (28 days). If I have not completed your reading within ninety (90) days, your request will expire, and I will refund your payment.

There is no limit on number or frequency of readings.

All other terms and conditions apply. Your data will be handled according to my privacy policy. In the event of terms conflicting, the terms on this page supersede what is in the TOS and privacy policy. Please email to address any questions before submitting a request.

Please use the forms below to request a reading.

Zodiac readings

Each zodiac reading comes with a PDF writeup consisting of five parts:

  1. An interpretation of your Western sun, moon, and rising signs;
  2. An explanation of your Chinese animal sign and element;
  3. Previous and next years for your Chinese sign;
  4. A chart of your elemental balance based on the Chinese five-element system (wuxing); and
  5. An explanation of your elemental balance, as your dominant element in the quinary system can be distinct from the element of your birth year.
Approximate times are fine. If you don't know your birth time, I will do the reading according to the sunrise time on your birth date.
Please provide only the city, state/province, and country of your birth. If you do not know your exact birth place, please provide the approximate region where you were born. I will select the closest nearby major city.
Price: $ 25.00

Tarot readings

I have various reading options available. You can clarify whether your reading is meant to be an overview for yourself, a situation you are currently facing, or even a suggested narrative for a fictional character.

You can select from the following card draws:

  • Past / Present / Future – An overview of your life journey or the situation you’re in, including significant past events and suggested action for the future.
  • Situation / Action / Outcome – An overview of a specific situation with a suggested action and considerations to make to prepare for a possible outcome of that action.
  • Impetus / Motivation / Journey – A self-discovery question, or one great for figuring out a fictional character’s story. This spread reflects on the factors that lead you to pursue a particular decision and the journey you’ll need to take to get there.
  • Person A / Person B / Relationship – An overview of the powers and factors at play between two people, as well as an overview of the nature of their relationship. The relationship doesn’t have to be romantic in nature.
  • Inner Child / Sage / Wise Mind – Using dialectical behavior therapy terms, this reading looks for what your inner child needs or wants in the current moment, what your intellect is telling you to do or not to do, and how to synthesize those into self-talk that is gentle and compassionate to your needs.
  • Symbol / Meaning / Emotional Core – Useful both for fiction and for examining your own life, this spread looks to find a recurring object or symbol in your life, suggests a possible meaning, and draws from that significance to suggest a deeper emotional root or need that is giving the symbol its meaning.
Price: $ 8.00