Queer-friendly, trans-friendly, and disability-friendly jerk-off instructions.

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Three photos of December Seas in crotchless teal panties, manicured nails the same color, reaching past round tummy to rest between thick thighs, teasing and spreading pierced pussy, veins on hands in chiaroscuro relief.

What are Jerk-Off Instructions (JOI)?

Jerk-Off Instructions (JOI) are a genre of erotica and pornography that break the fourth wall and involve the viewer in the fantasy. The person in the video or audio speaks directly to the viewer.

Sometimes, there are explicit instructions for how to touch yourself. Other times, JOI are more like self-encapsulated roleplay fantasies without commands.

Usually, JOI are aimed at men and often include humiliation elements, like cuckolding. But they don’t have to! JOI is a broad category.

I offer both video JOI and audio-only JOI. All JOI come with subtitles and a transcript.

My JOI cater to queer, trans, and/or disabled people. I try to be sensitive to our particular needs, such as what terms we use for body parts, and different ways we engage our bodies.

Ultimately, I want everyone to be able to have a good time. If there’s anything you want to see, you can make a suggestion or request a custom JOI.

Video design

My videos are structured as follows:

  • Informed Consent

    Scene negotiation, including self-negotiation. This means going over what I want to achieve in a scene, where I'm at emotionally, and what my boundaries are in that moment. I will also disclose if anything is a prop, simulated, and/or roleplay.

  • Scene

    The play itself.

  • Debrief

    I will reflect on how the scene made me feel physically and mentally, including going over an aftercare plan for what my needs are now that the scene has concluded and how I and/or my partners will meet those needs.

Video editing policy

Sex is messy. Bodies are messy. Emotions are messy.

So, as much as possible, I try to provide my videos as continuous takes. Sex includes the setup time, the bloopers, the moments when shit happens, the emotional triggers and the coping we do to pull ourselves back from the edge.

I may montage or speed up setup time, and I clip out times when I'm off-screen. I may also remove portions that would compromise my privacy or safety, which may include portions that I just don't feel comfortable with having publicly available.

I want to build a culture of realistic, fun porn that isn't ashamed of our bodies being bodies, and our hearts being hearts.

Camera lens
Professional video camera and microphone in studio. Pexels / Ricardo Esquivel


Previews are free. Unlock full-length JOI by purchasing them individually, as a bundle, or with an all-access pass.

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