Do you have a fantasy you want to role play in a nonjudgmental environment with a professional writer? Whether it's being fucked by vine monsters, worshipping a literal goddess, exploring D/s through a different gender identity, or having tender and affirming sex in a way you haven't been able to explore while you're closeted—if you can imagine it, I'm happy to make an experience that's just for you!

I want you to be able to explore your sexuality and sensuality with me, especially if it's something you might not be able to do in real life for whatever reason. I won't think you're a bad person because you want to fantasize about something. I won't ask why you're requesting a particular fantasy.

Seascapes is a trauma-informed service. I am not a therapist, nor do I intend to act as one. However, I'm a writer who's experienced trauma related to sex, who writes about that trauma as a form of healing, and who wants to see others able to heal through affirming sexual experiences. Sexuality is a natural part of the human experience, and it comes in many, many forms.

Additionally, sexuality and sensuality don't have to mean literal sex. So long as it's arousing to you, that's something we can explore. Maybe you want to be collared and called a good boy. Maybe you want to be a demon who can dominate people with a single look. I'm also happy to explore gender in any way with you, with or without sex. Maybe you want to go to the mall dressed high femme and have people compliment your outfit. Just make your request, and we'll work from there!

The process

We'll start with a scene negotiation, which will always be free. You'll initiate the negotiation by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. Your IP address will be logged for my safety. I also require an email address so I can contact you and distinguish you from other visitors who might use the same name. Feel free to use a burner email.

I will not ask for any further identifying information. However, I might encounter identifying information during billing or payment. I will keep that information private. If we know each other outside of seascapes, regardless of whether the conversation is public or private, I will never bring up that you've had a session with me, unless you say it's okay for me to do so.

The negotiation is a conversation about your expectations and limits, as well as mine. I'll ask you the following questions:

  • What scene do you want to role play? Your idea can be anywhere from very detailed with an outline of what you want to happen, to an open-ended experience that I shape. At minimum, you'll need to provide what scenario you'd like to explore and the topics, if any, you'd like to avoid during the scene.
  • What are you hoping to feel during the scene?
  • What are you hoping to feel after the scene?
  • Would you like post-scene aftercare, such as affirmations you want to hear once we've concluded the role play portion of the session? Every scene includes ten complimentary minutes after your time block for aftercare. If you'd like more aftercare, we can negotiate an extension of your scene time.
  • What are your soft and hard limits? Soft limits are things you could potentially be okay with, whereas hard limits are things you know you absolutely don't want in the scene. We can discuss how to check in about or explore a soft limit. Both your hard limits and mine are non-negotiable.
  • Are there any words or phrases you would like me to use? For example, maybe you'd really like to be called "Daddy" or "good girl."
  • Are there any words I should avoid?
  • Do you have any questions or concerns?

If I feel I can provide what you're looking for, I will let you know my own limits and expectations for the scene. We'll then set a time to role play. A $50 deposit is due upon scheduling. You'll pay the rest of the balance before we begin our role play session.

All role play will occur through the chat function on this site. Your messages are encrypted. A transcript will be sent to me after the conversation has concluded. To protect your privacy and be discreet, I will not send you a copy of the transcript unless requested.

Safe words

If you feel any discomfort during a scene, you can say a safe word. Because we may be exploring things like consent, including dubious consent and nonconsent, I have specific formatting conventions for making it clear that you are communicating about the scene itself. For example, you might want to role play with the words "no, stop," but I won't treat that as an actual request to stop the scene unless you clarify with the following conventions:

  • Place text within /// triple slashes /// to speak out-of-character. For example, you can ask a question about the scene, express a concern or doubt, or clarify your expectations.
  • If you need a break or for me to be less intense, you can say /// time out ///. This is equivalent to "yellow" or "mercy." You can set your own phrase as a slow-down safe word.
  • If you want to end a scene immediately, you can say /// terminate ///. This is equivalent to "red." You can set your own phrase as an end-scene safe word. If you terminate the conversation early, I will provide a prorated refund based on how much time you have left in the session. Your $50 deposit will not be refunded.


My rates are as follows:

Duration of scene Price
30 minutes $80 USD
1 hour $160 USD
2 hours $280 USD
3 hours $400 USD



  1. The initial negotiation may occur asynchronously, but for the role play itself, I only do live chats. This makes my work load and schedule more predictable.
  2. I only do text role play. I will not fulfill requests for art, photos, video, voice, or other multimedia.
  3. Our role play session is self-contained and purely fantasy. Please schedule a new session if you'd like more role play. You may not initiate role play with me without a mutual negotiation. Role playing a scene does not imply or entitle you to a romantic or sexual relationship with me. The only relationship we have is a provider-client one: I'm performing the role play as a writer who is creating a live, custom narrative for you.
  4. I reserve the right to change my limits for a scene at any time. I will inform you of any such changes. I will never ask you to change your limits. However, you're free to change them in-scene as long as you follow the safe word conventions above.
  5. I reserve the right to terminate a conversation if you aren't following the terms we negotiated or if I feel unsafe. I will inform you why I am terminating the conversation. I do not provide any refunds if you break the terms of our negotiation or cause me to feel unsafe.
  6. If you cancel your scene at least 24 hours before it's scheduled, I will return your $50 deposit. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the scene is scheduled, I will not return your deposit.
  7. I consider scenes to be co-authored. You and I will share a joint copyright on the transcript. You must contact me for permission before you reprint a transcript, even if you're just posting it to your blog.
  8. All other terms of service apply. If there are conflicting terms of service, the ones on this page will supersede the general terms of service.
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