Video requests

Watch me indulge your kinks and fantasies.

The process

Tell me all the details of your request, and I’ll send you back a video shot just for you.

Morning Venus
December Seas, nude yet modest, every form a soft curve, collar with BDSMblem resting above ample cleavage.

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I calculate video prices based on the duration of the final piece minus intro and credit sequences, measured as “finished minutes.” The first third of a partial minute (i.e., 20 seconds past the minute) is not counted toward a finished minute, but 21+ seconds past the minute gets rounded up to the next finished minute.

Video price = $30 setup fee + ($20 × finished minutes)

You may request up to 20 minutes of video at a time, which will cost you $430. If you enter an amount greater than $430, I will assume you meant the difference to be a tip.

You can use the calculators below to determine how much your video will cost.

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